KosmoS 127


00. Austin Peralta KosmoS Intro
01. Austin Peralta - Ode To Love (lp "Endless Planets", Brainfeeder'2010)
02. Thundercat - For Love I Come (lp "The Golden Age Of Apocalypse", Brainfeeder'2011)
03. Flying Lotus - All The Secrets (lp "Until The Quiet Comes", Warp'2012)
04. Shafiq Husayn - Love Still Hurts (lp "En' A-Free-Ka", Plug Research'2009)
05. Erykah Badu - Agitation (lp "Return Of The Ankh", Universal'2010)
06. Austin Peralta - Afro Blue (lp "Mantra", Eighty Eights'2006)
07. Austin Peralta - Naima (lp "Maiden Voyage", Eighty Eights'2006)
08. Flying Lotus - DMT Song feat. Thundercat (lp "Until The Quiet Comes", Warp'2012)
09. Thundercat - Daylight (lp "The Golden Age Of Apocalypse", Brainfeeder'2011)
10. Flying Lotus - Mmmhmm feat. Thundercat (lp "Cosmogramma", Warp'2010)
11. Austin Peralta - Space Loneliness (10" "Views Of Saturn", All City'2012)
12. Austin Peralta - Lapis (lp The Cinematic Orchestra "In Motion #1", Ninja Tune'2012)